St. Joseph & Buchanan County Opioid Settlement Funds

The city of St. Joseph and Buchanan County, Missouri have entered into an agreement to work cooperatively in the disbursement of funds awarded to our community through the settlement of lawsuits against manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies as we work together and with community partners to recover from and prevent future adverse effects caused by opioids. The Memorandum of Understanding established between the city of St. Joseph and Buchanan County, was adopted December 11, 2023.

Application and Guidelines

The Opioid Settlement Funds Application (PDF) must be submitted through email by 11:59pm on February 29, 2024. Please refer to Opioid Settlement Funds – Schedule B Approved Used (PDF) and Opioid Settlement Funds – Funding Objectives and Limitations (PDF) for guidance as proposals are drafted. 

Annual Appropriations

The city will annually appropriate $104,000.00 and the County will annually appropriate $52,000.00; provided, however, that the city and the County each receive sufficient opioid settlement funds to pay for such appropriations. Both the city and the County will make its appropriations from the revenue it directly receives from opioid settlement funds. 

Funds will be allocated as follows:

Eighty percent (80%) of available funds will be reserved for local, non-profit support services and other resources in the area of treatment, prevention, and/or education. Within the 80% of the funds, seventy-five percent (75%) of the amount will be allocated for Treatment and Prevention and twenty-five percent (25%) will be allocated for Education and Prevention. 
Ten percent (10%) will be reserved for emergency needs related to treatment and prevention, which would include small scope initiatives occurring within a six-month period of time and/or “mini grants” for one-time projects. Fifteen percent (15%) of this allotment may be used for unrestricted purposes. Ten percent (10%) of funding will be reserved for administration costs, which consist of indirect costs associated with reviewing applications for funding; reviewing invoices for payment to funded agencies; reviewing quarterly reporting from funded agencies; and meeting monthly with established local coalition.
Funding Objectives and Limitations are outlined in the PDF listed above. Projects, initiatives, and/or activities selected to receive an allocation from opioid settlement funds should meet some or all of the objectives and adhere to the limitations outlined. 

Opioid Settlement Funds Review Board

The Opioid Settlement Funds Review Board will be tasked with selecting proposals for funding no later than March 18, 2024. The Review Board shall be made up of eight (8) members, six (6) of which are individuals who hold the identified positions, or who represent the identified entities or subject matter areas: the St. Joseph Police Chief, or his/her designee; St. Joseph Health Department Director, or his/her designee; Buchanan County Sheriff, or his/her designee; Mosaic Life Care representative; St. Joseph School District representative; Opioid Task Force Coordinator or St. Joseph Health Department Health Educator; During the first meeting conducted by the Review Board, its members will select two (2) additional individuals to serve as representatives on the Review Board. One with subject matter expertise in the area of mental health care and the other with subject matter expertise in the area of substance use disorder treatment and recovery.
An agency or organization which receives an allocation of opioid settlement funds must demonstrate it is successfully meeting or exceeding its targeted outcomes. The agency or organization shall provide the Review Board with statical outcomes on a quarterly basis so its members may evaluate this evidence and determine whether the funding has made a positive impact. If not, the feasibility of future allocations may be in jeopardy.   
The Review Board shall submit a report to the City Council and the County Commissioners every two (2) years, which outlines: (i) the amount of each allocation made and to what entity; (ii) the intended use for the allocation; (iii) the corresponding outcomes; and (iv) an overall synopsis describing the current status of opioid abuse in St. Joseph and Buchanan County. The first such report shall be submitted to the City Clerk and the County Clerk by no later than March 1, 2025, and subsequent reports shall be submitted by no later than March 1st of 2027, 2029, 2031, 2033, 2035, 2037, and 2039.
For additional information regarding the Opioid Settlement Fund application, or clarification on the application review process, please contact: 
Kendra Bundy, Assistant Health Director
City of St. Joseph Health Department