Clinic Services

City of St. Joseph Health Department clinic services are located on the first floor of Patee Market Health Center. Services are free unless otherwise noted. Until further notice, lobby seating has been adapted to ensure physical distancing and to limit exposure to communicable diseases. 

Clinic services include:

  • Immunizations - Infant, child, and adult immunizations, including COVID-19 vaccine, are available. Call 816-271-4725 for vaccine availability for adults and children. Health Insurance and MO HealthNet are accepted to offset the costs associated with administering vaccine, but nobody is required to pay for immunizations at the health department. 
  • Tuberculosis (TB) testing and treatment - Skin testing and latent Tuberculosis infection treatment, follow-up, and active Tuberculosis disease case management and directly observed treatment and follow-up are offered by the clinic at the health department free of charge for all known contacts of an active case of Tuberculosis.
  • Prenatal case management - Services offered to females who qualify.
  • Lead screenings and testing - Free screenings by request on children age 6 months up to age 6 years. One-on-one and community education about the dangers of lead poisoning and how to prevent it and what to do to clean up a lead contaminated environment. Screenings done by appointment. Walk-ins done as the schedule allows.
  • Community Health on-site services include testing, treatment, and counseling for Hepatitis A, B and C and for sexually transmitted diseases. Office visits are done by appointment and testing costs $10. Services include:
  • The Child Care Health Consultation program enables nurses to provide on-site visits to child care providers. Nurses assess health and safety issues, provide staff training, and promote good health and safety practices. Entertaining, inter-active health and wellness programs are available for child care staff and for the children.
  • Blood pressure checks - Monitoring with the results reported to the individual.
  • Head lice checks - For children and adults.
  • Communicable and contagious disease - Prevention activities promoted through one-on-one and community education programs. Health department staff serve as resource and referral sources for the prevention, containment, and control of communicable and contagious diseases for health care professionals and the community at large.
  • Health fairs and other outreach activities - By request. Free to the public.