Pet Cremation


Your loving animal deserves the same quality of care it received when alive. As pet owners ourselves, we understand this need and offer cremation services for your deceased companions.

St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue Division now offers pet cremation. The loss of a companion animal can be devastating to some. This service will allow pet owners a sanitary method for handling the remains of their animal in a dignified manner.

Rest Assured

  • Your pet will be handled by a caring, licensed professional.
  • Individual or congregated cremations are performed.
    • Congregated means that more than one animal may be cremated at the same time; because of this, there is no guarantee that the ashes returned will be those of a specific animal.
  • Prices vary depending on individual or congregated cremation and the size of the animal.

Congregated Cremations

Weight (Pounds)Price
1 to 24$30
25 to 49$40
50 to 99$45
99 or more$60

Individual Cremation

Weight (Pounds)Price
1 to 24$70
25 to 49$80
50 to 99$90
99 or More$100

For a routine cremation with no return of ashes, there is a nominal fee of $10.

Disposal of Deceased Animals Ordinance (PDF)