detective with blue lightThe personnel of the Detective Division are tasked with responsibility for follow up investigation on all major crimes and other criminal activity. The division is comprised of several different units that collectively perform investigative functions across a wide range of police related matters.

Crime Scene Investigations

The St. Joseph Police Department's crime scene investigators are responsible for the collection of physical evidence through photography, physical crime scene search, recovery of latent fingerprints and any other form of physical evidence. The types of evidence could include impressions, forensic biology, trace evidence, firearms evidence, and questionable documents. The Crime Scene Investigators are a highly motivated group of individuals who use their knowledge, skills and abilities to recover visible and invisible evidence using the latest technology available. The C.S.I.s continuously strive to familiarize themselves with innovative scientific and technological developments in all aspects of forensic science and crime scene investigation.The Crime Scene Unit is a member of the Initial Response Team of the Northwest Missouri Major Case Squad. At the request of the Missouri State Highway Patrol-Troop H, the unit responds to other law enforcement agencies to assist and process scenes of major death investigation cases.

Electronic Crimes Unit

The Electronic Crimes Unit (ECU) was formed in the spring of 2000 and was the first such unit in Northwest Missouri. The ECU is responsible for the processing of electronic evidence with respect to computers, mobile phones, and video surveillance. The ECU has grown each year since its inception. Most cases submitted for forensic examination are from the St. Joseph Police Department; however, nearby agencies also submit cases and requests for computer support. A sample of historical cases submitted to the ECU include: murder, robbery, theft, embezzlement, child pornography, harassment and stalking to name a few. As the world revolves around new technology, so does the unit. The ECU must remain technically sound with training as well as equipment. To report internet crimes, visit IC3 website. To make a report of child sexual exploitation, those may be made 24 hours per day, 7 days per week online at cyber tipline website or by calling 1-800-843-5678.

Family Crimes Unit

The Family Crimes Unit consists of one sergeant and four detectives. The sergeant is responsible for case assignment and case management. The sergeant is also responsible for keeping all members of the unit up to date on their training. Members of the unit are very active in the community and take an active role in the Sexual Assault and Family Violence Council. The unit is responsible for sexual assault, child abuse and neglect, domestic assault, stalking and harassment, exparte and full order of protection violations, interference with child custody and parental kidnapping and missing persons.

Financial Crimes Unit

The Financial Crimes Unit investigates selected acts of forgery, fraud, embezzlement, identity thefts, credit card crimes, failure to return rental property, and the financial exploitation of the elderly. All cases are reviewed by a detective supervisor and if the case contains the criteria for assignment, the case is assigned to an investigator. The unit works closely with City Hall assisting with private investigator's business licenses and all other issues relating to the licensing of businesses within the City of St. Joseph.The unit reaches out in the community by offering training to financial institutions, businesses, and service organizations. Training is offered in variety of areas. Currently, identity theft and the financial exploitation of the elderly have been topics highly requested in the community. Detectives in the Financial Crimes Unit are members of the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators (IAFCI). Membership in this organization gives the detectives access to training opportunities and resources needed in their investigations. All bad checks, insufficient funds, account closed and stop payment checks are handled directly through the Buchanan County Prosecuting Attorney's office. Reporting of these items should be made through their office located at 411 Jules, 271-1480.

Street Crimes Unit

The mission of the Street Crimes Unit is to make a positive difference in the lives of all citizens of the community, primarily though the investigation and prosecution of drug related crimes. Members of the unit will remain responsive to the needs of all citizens and will strive to achieve our highest potential as confident, competent and caring individuals. The unit was formed to fight criminal activity at the street level. Most criminal activity is centered on the illegal use of narcotics. Thefts, robberies and burglaries occur as a means for drug users to obtain money to feed their addiction. Unit members are responsible for conducting investigations into illegal drug activity, apprehension of wanted individuals, suspected criminal activity that negatively influences quality of life, illegal use/sale of alcohol and illegal sale or possession of guns.

Questions about your Case?

If you have questions about your case and you are not sure who the Detective is working your case, please call the secretary at (816) 271-5336 and Melody will answer your questions or help you get in contact with a detective.