CARES Act Funds

The city of St. Joseph has been awarded $1.3 million in CARES Act funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to assist with recovery efforts due to the COVID pandemic. City staff have been working to identify those in need of these funds consistent with guidelines for use of funds related to the pandemic. CARES Act funds recipients are required to determine there will be no duplication of benefits-meaning there are no other funding sources able to assist for that specific need. Federal requirements for use of funds identified under the CARES Act guidelines to meet eligibility under the four categories (PDF).

Currently, the city has funds available to assist public service agencies with homelessness prevention for low to moderate income households as well as an employee retention program for small businesses. Applicants must be approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) before funding will be distributed.

For more information about the funds and eligibility, please contact the community develop division through email or by calling 271-4643.

Public Service Application

Small Businesses

Using the special allocation of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, the city of St. Joseph will launch the recovery assistance loan program, St. Joseph Strong. In a recent Chamber of Commerce member survey of small businesses, 60 percent reported the public health crisis had damaged daily operation with 42 percent saying they are partially closed and 20 percent are closed completely. The program would offer temporary financial relief to those small, local businesses impacted by the COVID-19 public health crisis. View the eligibility and criteria (PDF) for the St. Joseph Strong loan program. 

Small Business Application Requirements

1. Please provide a brief overview of your business. The city of St Joseph reserves the right to require an up-to-date business plan for any projects. At a minimum, business plans should include:

  • History of the company’s operations
  • Physical address of each St. Joseph facility of the applicant
  • Ownership structures and any authorized agent
  • Include the number of full-time employees
  • The number of part-time employees
  • A simple budget summary

2. Demonstrate why Small Business Pandemic Response Loan assistance is needed (please attach additional pages if necessary)

3. Explain any other factors that should be considered in evaluating this request (e.g., impact on St. Joseph suppliers, national/international sales, other prospects for future expansions, etc.)

4. Application Steps        

  • Applicants shall review the entire Small Business Pandemic Relief Loan (SB-PRL) program, application, draft Promissory Note.
  • Applicants are encouraged to contact the city of St. Joseph staff prior to applying for assistance to ask questions regarding the application or approval process.
  • Applicants shall submit the application directly by email to
  • City of St. Joseph staff will contact the business owner to confirm receipt of the application and discuss the program timeline.
  • City staff will review the application and verify application information prior to award determination.
  • City of St. Joseph staff will notify successful loan applicants of the distribution processes.

***Businesses are required to have pursued all other forms of assistance prior to being eligible to apply for city of St. Joseph COVID-19 funds.***