The purpose of fire prevention is to provide:

  • Quality fire code inspections to assist with hazard identification and removal to prevent fires from starting or intensifying
  • Quality fire safety programs to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, or survive, a fire
  • Investigations into the origination of a fire; such as, interviewing witnesses or suspects and victims in fire instances, preserve and document possible evidence, and submit cases for prosecution
  • Responsiveness to citizen inquiries and concerns
  • Administration of reports and records for the Fire Department

Home Inspection

A free informational inspection of your home can be scheduled to identify any potential fire and safety hazards within your home. Findings are provided directly to you and are confidential. The homeowner is responsible for making any repairs or replacements.

Commercial Property Inspections

Code inspections to identify fire safety hazards in your occupancy are conducted yearly. You may call fire prevention to schedule an inspection of your property.

Fire Safety Education

Fire safety videos, pamphlets, workbooks, and lectures to private and public organizations are available. Please give at least a two-week notice prior to the requested date and time.