Landfill & Recycling Center

About the Landfill

The purpose of the landfill is to operate in the most cost-effective manner possible for optimum protection of public health and environment. Landfill personnel operate and maintain the solid waste disposal facility. Operations include disposal of solid waste, white goods, and tires; recycling and composting of yard waste; and maintenance and construction on three closed landfills.

About the Recycling Center

The purpose of the center is to help reduce the volume of waste that otherwise would be sent to a landfill by providing a drop-off site. The recycling center accepts: aluminum, clear and brown glass, colored HDPE plastics (marked with a #1 on the bottom of the container), corrugated cardboard boxes, magazines, mixed office paper, natural HDPE plastics (marked with a #2 on the bottom of the container), newspaper and tin. To volunteer for the recycling program, call the recycling center at 232-4401.

Required Handling

 All recyclables have the following requirements:

  • Rinsed clean
  • Remove all lids and discard
  • No wax coated cardboard
  • Cans need to have labels removed
  • Ad inserts from the newspaper should be kept with magazines
  • Paper clips, rubber bands, staples, tape adhesive labels, plastic tabs and plastic, or wire spirals removed