ADA Compliance Information

It is the intention of the City of St. Joseph to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The city will make all reasonable efforts to make information provided on this website and all other public documents available in alternate formats. The same fee schedule (PDF) associated with documents in traditional format will apply. To request this information please contact Chuck Kempf at 816-271-5517 or TDD 816-271-4898.

ADA Compliance Plan for Completion (PDF)


The city will also make all reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities in the employment process. If you need an accommodation to participate in this process, please email the human resources manager to obtain a Reasonable Accommodation Request form.

Meeting Notices

If you plan on attending a meeting to participate or to observe and need special assistance beyond what is routinely provided, the city will attempt to accommodate you in every reasonable manner. Please email the ADA coordinator or call 816-271-5517 or TDD 816-271-4898, at least two business days prior to the meeting to inform us of your specific needs and to determine if accommodation is feasible.