Puppies for Parole Program

Nov 29


Posted on November 29, 2023 at 1:47 PM by ewearing ewearing

Gretta Gretta is a 1 year old mixed breed who weighs 30 pounds. She came to the shelter from a hoarding situation and was very afraid when she arrived. After spending some time with staff and volunteers, Gretta opened up and showed us her sweet personality. Gretta can be shy around new people and in new situations, but once she warms up to you then you are best-friends and she just can't get close enough to you! She is currently participating in the Puppies for Parole program working on skills like: house-training, crate-training, leash-training, basic commands and manners. Gretta's ideal home would be cozy and fairly quiet. She is wonderful with other dogs and wouldn't mind a canine companion either! If you are interested in meeting Gretta, contact the shelter at 271-5363.

Nov 20


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ChappyChappy is not your average American Bulldog mix as he's a unique and lovable soul with a heart as big as his charming smile. At 2 years old and 75 pounds, Chappy is a bundle of joy, proving size is no match for his equally enormous personality. Though Chappy may not hear the world around him, he certainly feels the love. Deafness hasn't slowed him down one bit – he's a vibrant, energetic pup who embraces life with enthusiasm and a wagging tail. His resilience and adaptability make him an extraordinary companion for someone willing to appreciate the unique connection that comes with a deaf dog. Chappy has been an exemplary student in the Puppies for Parole program, where he's learned impeccable manners, basic obedience, and the ins and outs of being both housebroken and crate-trained. His dedicated handler has invested time and care to ensure Chappy is not just a well-behaved pup but a delightful addition to any home. Chappy is a socialite at heart, adoring both people and other dogs. His friendly and affectionate nature makes him the perfect playmate, and his happiness is infectious. While he may not be a fan of feline friends, his love for humans and canines is boundless. Despite his incredible qualities, Chappy has been overlooked by some because of his hearing impairment. However, we know his perfect match is out there – someone who will see beyond his deafness and embrace the unique bond that comes with a dog like Chappy. If you are interested in meeting Chappy, contact the shelter at 271-5363.

Nov 20


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ProsecutorProsecutor, an 8-month-old pup with a heart full of resilience, has been on quite a journey. His story began in a backyard, where he spent the first three months of his life with minimal human contact and from there found himself at the animal shelter in a very unfamiliar world. Despite his challenging start, Prosecutor has emerged as a charming and lovable companion and is a true testament to the heart of a dog. Shy at first, Prosecutor takes a bit of time to warm up to new faces. However, the key to his heart lies in tasty treats – offer him a few, and soon enough, he'll be showering you with kisses. A true hermit at heart, Prosecutor yearns for the comfort of a loving home and would be the ideal match for someone seeking a low-maintenance house dog who wants nothing more than to spend his days enjoying his life at home. At just 8 months old, Prosecutor boasts a remarkably mild-mannered personality. His love for other dogs knows no bounds, making him a perfect playmate for furry friends. Thanks to his participation in the Puppies for Parole program, Prosecutor is not only house-trained, but also well-versed in basic commands. He's crate-trained and knows how to be a well-mannered companion. Due to his early experiences, Prosecutor can find it challenging to adapt to new environments initially. Therefore, he is searching for a patient and loving family willing to give him the time and space he needs to feel secure. Once settled, Prosecutor is a content and affectionate dog, happiest in a quieter home environment. If you are interested in meeting Prosecutor, contact the shelter at 271-5363.