Councilmember Madison Davis

Madison DavisMadison Davis was elected to serve as the District I City Council member in the primary election in February 2018, and was re-elected to continue serving District I in April 2022. A native of Maryville, Missouri,  Madison and his wife, Lindsey, moved to St. Joseph in 2010 and are the proud parents of a son, Colin, and a daughter, Jules. 

Madison is passionate about transparency, accountability, and citizen involvement. 

When asked about what he hoped to accomplish for St. Joseph while in office, Davis responded, “It is my hope to make decisions while in office to set our city on a course that will give current residents hope for the future and encourage new citizens and businesses to be part of our community. These things will not come easy and will require us to plan for the future, address the rise in crime, encourage greater civic pride, and be more accountable with citizens.”

Madison serves as the City Council representative to the Department of Public Works & Transportation.