Law Enforcement Center Commission


  • 3pm
  • Second Tuesday of each month


This commission consists of seven members

  • A member of the Buchanan County Commission appointed by the Buchanan County Commission
  • City manager of the city of St. Joseph
  • Person jointly selected by the city and the county
  • Person designated by the Buchanan County Commission
  • Person designated by the City Council

All members except the city manager and Buchanan County Commission member shall serve three-year terms. There is currently one vacancy.

  • Courtney Cruz, City/County appointee
    Term expires in February 2020
  • Frank Still, City designate
    Term expires on January 30, 2023
  • Chris Connally, Chief of Police
    Holds office as long as with city
  • Ron Hook, Western District Commissioner
    Term expires length of office
  • Mickey Roberts, County designate, Chairperson
    Length of term at pleasure of Commission
  • Bill Puett, Buchanan County Sheriff
    Term expires length of office
  • Bryan Carter, City Manager
    Term expires length of office

About the Commission

This commission was created for the management of the Law Enforcement Center (LEC).