Port Authority


Meetings are held quarterly and as the board determines necessary to fulfill their required duties.


Consists of seven commissioners; three appointed by the City Council, three appointed by the Buchanan County Commission, and the seventh member selected by the other members. Members serve seven-year terms.

  • Chris Dunn (County)
    December 31, 2028
  • Joseph Houts (County)
    Term expires on December 31, 2026
  • Glen Drake (City)
    Term expires on February 8, 2024
  • Patt Lilly (County)
    Term expires on December 31, 2027
  • Vacancy
    Term expires on May 7, 2025
  • Pat Dillon (City)
    Term expires on January 20, 2029
  • Mark Woodbury (Board)
    Serves at pleasure of the board

About the Authority

The mission of the authority is to promote the general welfare of the community by increasing the volume of commerce through encouraging private capital investment by fostering the creation of industrial facilities and industrial parks, enhancing economic development, and job creation and developing the intermodal potential of the Missouri River for the commercial benefit of the region.