The Black Bear

Black BearThe black bear, on display at the Remington Nature Center, is a great example of the Center's motto, "where history and nature collide." Hundreds of years ago, black bears were common in Missouri. In fact, during the 1700s and into the early 1800s, black bears were so plentiful they were killed, second only to deer, for food.

By the 1840s, black bears were rare in Northwest Missouri. Reintroduction efforts in Arkansas helped the black bear to become more plentiful, and many people in Northwest Missouri claim a few still exist in this area.

The bear on display at the Nature Center was shot around International Falls, Minnesota by Jack "Cody" O'Donnell. While an average black bear weighs approximately 200 pounds, Mr. O'Donnell's bear was 630 pounds, and 7 feet, from nose to tail.

This impressive bear is a reminder of the animals from long ago, that used to thrive in Missouri. The black bear is just one of the handful of other unique animals on display, including a puma, feral hog, bison, bobcat and gray wolf.