All businesses impact stormwater and water quality, but it is up to you to ensure your business has a positive impact.

General Tips for Business

  • Plant a rain garden, especially if you have a low spot on the property.
  • Disconnect gutter downspouts from the sanitary sewer system.
  • Routinely pick up litter and debris in and around parking lots and buildings.
  • Store chemicals and other materials inside.
  • Clean floor mats, filters and garbage cans in a mop sink or floor drain, not outside.
  • Don't over apply salt when treating sidewalks or drives. More salt does not produce additional melting. Sweep up any extra salt and reuse it or throw it in the trash. Excess salt and sand on dry pavement are not effective and will be washed into the storm drain.
  • Dispose of hazardous waste products properly by participating in the city's Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Collection event.

If you are interested in receiving more information about ways your business can have a positive impact on stormwater and water quality, contact Stormwater Quality Coordinator through email or call 596-8006.

Dumpster Management

  • Have spill cleanup materials ready for use near dumpster and loading dock areas.
  • Do not place leaking containers or garbage bags into the dumpster.
  • Keep dumpster lids closed to keep out rainwater and prevent trash from spilling out.
  • Don't hose out dumpsters. Ask the service provider to switch out the dumpster from cleaning and to replace or repair leaky dumpsters.
  • Keep dumpsters locked to prevent illegal dumping.

Fleet Management

  • Inspect vehicles for leaks and use drip pans if needed.
  • Conduct repairs indoors or have spill prevention and containment measures in place.
  • Vehicle washing should be done at a commercial car wash or inside with a floor drain connected to the sanitary sewer.
  • Dispose of old tires properly according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Construction Companies

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