Scavenger Hunts

Monthly Scavenger Hunt

Every month, twelve items will be hidden indoors, throughout the nature center. Kids and families can do the scavenger hunt anytime during operational hours. All you have to do is inquire at the front desk and we'll give you a clipboard so you can write down where you find the items. Once they have been found, kids will get a sticker, temporary tattoo, and a special small prize. Hidden items and prizes change every month!

Nature Scavenger Along the Missouri River

Check out this Scavenger Hunt! Bring this list with you to the Remington Nature Center. Walk around the Nature Center and take a stroll down the riverwalk trail and see how many plants and animals on the list you can find.

Most scavenger hunts ask you to find something and bring it back. This scavenger hunt is different as it asks you and your family to find things that can't necessarily be brought back. A sound, a sight, an experience, these are the things that you'll be hunting for.


Please obey the following rules:

  • Stay within three feet of either side of the trail
  • Pick up any litter that you see unless it is broken glass
  • If you find it, don't bother it (for example, when you find a bug on the ground, don't kill it)
  • Take your time and enjoy being outdoors


(print the list) (PDF)

  • A bird on the river
  • A boat on the river
  • A bug on the ground
  • A butterfly
  • A creek
  • A fallen tree
  • A flower that smells good
  • A hole in a tree where an animal might live
  • A hole on the ground where animals may live
  • A long seed or seed pod
  • A nest in a tree
  • A prickly seed or seed pod
  • A rock big enough to stand on
  • A rock small enough to fit in your hand
  • A round seed or seed pod
  • A spider web
  • A squirrel
  • A toad
  • A trash can
  • A turtle
  • An animal other than a squirrel
  • Animal tracks
  • How many different birds can you hear?
  • Litter (plastic, paper, can, etc.)
  • Tree bark on the ground
  • Two different types of leaves